The ITH Room Xperience by Serrano Brothers is Futuristically Creative

 - Feb 4, 2013
References: serranobrothers & dvice
The ITH Room Xperience takes the hotel industry to an excitingly interactive level. It is a hi-tech experience that puts the future as envisioned in the movie 'Minority Report' to shame. Boasting multi-touch transparent screens, the walls of the ITH Room Xperience can be controlled by smartphone to display personal and personalized photos and videos.

Conceived by Serrano Brothers, a studio based in Spain, the ITH Room Xperience also has eye-shaped windows to survey the city from, NFC-enabled devices, Microsoft Surface tablets and tables for personal computing, interactive floors and mirrors as well as a fingerprint payment system. Currently on display at the Fiturtech International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid, the ITH Room Xperience is a mind-boggling concept that could really revamp the international hotel industry.