- Dec 24, 2014
In this modern age, people are starting to travel at an even younger age, and these millennial-friendly hotels are some examples of how hospitality services are catering to this new and hip generation of travellers.

Offering amenities and hotel features that tailor to millennial interests like technology, social media and adventure, these hotel destinations are showcasing that a little customization is needed to lure in that new generation of socially-savvy travellers. From hotels that are outfitted with all the latest tech gadgets and integrations to those that are compact and portable, these millennial-friendly hotels will definitely attract those inclined to have modern amenities while globetrotting around the world.

Reflecting a shift in how accommodations are designed, these millennial-friendly hotels are catering to young and modern consumers through more targeted, technological means.

From Cyclist-Catering Accommodations to Extreme Outdoor Oasises: