'The Atlanta' Bangkok

Located in the heart of Sukhumvit, Bangkok’s most notorious sex district, the Atlanta Hotel can best be described as a civilized oasis amid a sea of smut. Outside the sleaze-free hotel, a large sign declares "Sex Tourists Not Welcome."

Founded in 1952 by a German adventurer, Dr. Max Henn, the hotel has preserved its retro-chic originality, despite its unlikely location.

Classical music floats through the foyer and retro lamps throw a warm romantic glow upon the stylish leatherette couches and across the black and white floor tiles.

Adding to the retro charm is the roll-top desks in the "Writer’s Room" which have fountain pens and embossed paper on offer to hotel guests.

The Atlanta is full of interesting literature, photos and paintings detailing the hotel’s history.

At a cost of just $18 per night for a one-bedroom suite, the Atlanta is considered the Taj Mahal of budget hotels. They do not need to advertise as word of mouth and guidebook recommendations keep their rooms heavily booked.