From Delightfully Quaint Inns to Crazy Thematic Lodges

 - Dec 30, 2011
Though they may not be part of the big chain hotels you're familiar with, boutique hotels offer a whole new experience, especially when they're of the luxurious kind.

From Ellerman House & Villa in Cape Town to the 16th-century boutique hotels, everything is a bit more elegant and interesting in a boutique hotels. Boutique hotels, mainly in North America and the United Kingdom, are known for personalized services and facilities. They cater to your every whim and hence, are gaining popularity. One fascinating boutique hotel is David Carter’s smallest hotel in London. This super-tiny hotel is a quick getaway for those in search of a unique and refreshing experience.

Be warned, a quick look through some remarkably luxurious boutique hotels will get you craving for a lavish vacation.