From Cake Hotels in England to Medical Getaways in Mexico

 - Jun 17, 2013
Themed boutique hotels let us get away from the reality that is life. From health-endorsing lodging to artistic venues, the hotel industry is constantly searching for the perfect formula to provide clients with an addictive experience.

The Cake Hotel's idea of a getaway is a kind of guilty pleasure. This new hotel in London, England is the first of its kind, offering clients the most decadent desserts in-suite. After a hard day of work, we all need a little comfort food. This hotel knows well enough, there's nothing more comforting than indulging in gourmet pastries in a bathtub full of caramel popcorn.

While the Cake Hotel offers almost guilty indulgence, the Medical Travel Yucatan in Mexico offers the opposite. This hotel is equipped with dentists, plastic surgeons and professional chiropractors who are ready to pamper health-conscious visitors with luxurious medical attention. Health-focused lodging has been a recently reoccurring theme.