The Hague is Made Up of Old Oil Rig Life Rafts

 - Aug 31, 2011
References: unusualhotelsoftheworld & neatorama
There are some really interesting and unique hotels out in the world, but The Hague is certainly special. Made up of old life rafts for big oil rigs, these bright orange survival pods look more like retro UFOs. They really give a vacation an adventurous feel, travelers will feel as though they are part of the Robinson Family, the one that got 'Lost in Space,' of course.

Founded by Denis Oudendijk, The Hague started out as an art project and then blossomed into a full fledge hotel because of the rising demand. Aside from an exterior lock and a chemical toilet, The Hague remains in its original state.

Currently located in the Netherlands, Oudendijk hopes to expand The Hague to Amsterdam and Nantes in the near future.