From Elegant Off-Grid Shelters to Sustainable Wooden Studios

 - Jan 28, 2016
Come winter time, many people find themselves wishing to retreat to a small and isolated cottage, which these eco cabins allow you to do while also keeping your carbon footprint in check. These small and sustainable shelters offer inspiration for cold weather get-aways as well as environmentally conscious architecture. Micro-housing is one solution to urbanization and growing population rates, and these eco cabins fit the bill.

Startup Getaway designed portable micro cabins to enable city dwellers to get out into the country and embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Similarly, explosive eco-friendly hotels like the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge give the public a chance to enjoy nature and engage in a less bustling form of tourism.

Other eco cabins are private residences but excellent examples of sustainable design. Compact eco residences like the Collaborative Tiny House Project are also part of educational programs.