This Cabin is Made from Local Materials and Green Technology

 - Oct 15, 2015
References: outofthevalley & uncrate
UK-based architect Rupert McKelvie designs sustainable shelters that are made from local materials and green technology. While many architects have begun using eco-friendly materials in their designs, few provide homes that allow the owners to fully disconnect from the grid. This eco-friendly abode is specially designed to help consumers reconnect with the natural world.

McKelvie's 'Out Of The Valley Cabins' combine traditional architecture with modern technology. The custom homes are designed to build a bridge between humans and the natural world by respecting the environment throughout the construction process. The homes are made from local materials and green technology. Each cabin is also designed to use renewable energy sources so that consumers can live off of the grid. Despite the sustainable design, the homes do not sacrifice luxuries such as king-size beds and custom furniture.

The eco-friendly homes provide a comfortable way for consumers to live off of the grid.