Getaway Helps Bostonians with Living Tiny and Recharging Away from the City

 - Jul 25, 2015
References: facebook & fastcodesign
Designed to help you get out of the city and relax, this startup emphasizes living tiny. The result of Harvard innovation incubator Millennial Housing Lab, the startup Getaway is bringing tiny houses to the masses.

The rustic and super small accommodations are a part of a bigger lifestyle that is about living simply, being eco-conscious, increased financial security and self-sufficiency as well as more adventure. The mobile cabins are Getaway's way of helping to build what they refer to as the Tiny House Movement. Living tiny has lots of benefits, from lower costs to reduced environmental impact and a healthier lifestyle.

Choosing Getaway in particular helps people recharge and reconnect to nature while also supporting the local economy. You can book a minuscule space online and navigate to a secret location near Boston.