This Couple Created a Vacation Home by Refurbishing a School Bus

 - Oct 3, 2015
References: & thecoolist
The 'House Bus' is the brainchild of a couple stuck at a crossroads. They knew they didn't want to stay in Chicago forever, but also were averse to renting. During this trying time in their lives, a series of tiny-house documentaries sprang up, and the two soon considered it as an option. They later decided upon transforming an old 1990 school bus into the mobile home of their dreams, effectively addressing both of their problems.

The House Bus covers all the basic essentials, with a bedroom, small living, dinning rooms and washroom. The kitchen features wooden countertops and even a wood-burning oven. Although the couple feels at home, its mobile nature gives them a constant sense of adventure. The affordability and flexibility of this new, mobile way of living may inspire others who were in similar positions.