From Designer Chocolate Suites to Exorbitantly Expensive Hotel Rooms

 - May 23, 2014
Just like beauty, romance is a subjective ideal that may adhere to societal standards but still vary from person to person. When embarking on a honeymoon escape, people will be attracted to at least one of these romantic hotel rooms. Whether appealing to a couple's sense of adventure with underwater hotel rooms and nature-loving hotels or to their sense of intimacy through more remote accommodations and icy rooms that require lots of cuddling to stay warm, it is easy to see how personalities affect such getaways.

When it comes to romantic hotel rooms, variety is key. Although satin sheets, red accents, chocolate treats and bottles of champagne are staples, romance today focuses on originality and custom experiences. Elaborate proposals, custom wedding rings and eclectic reception themes all point in this direction.