From Panoramic Alpine Abodes to Curvy Canopied Stations

 - Aug 21, 2012
Showcasing the country's forward-thinking creators, these Spanish architecture designs are a show of national creativity.

Marrying old and new, renovating classical spaces and pushing environmental boundaries, Spanish architecture firms are accomplishing leadership in the field of architecture. Despite the country's recent economic crisis, they have managed to stay at the pinnacle of modernist design in their edifices.

A sleek example of Spaniard talent is showcased in 'Droplet Architecture' by Orlando de Urrutia. The building is constructed to resemble a huge drop of water and serves the purpose of generating filtered drinkable water from the atmosphere using solar electric power. The structure channels a sleek modernist aesthetic whilst embodying the epitome of environmental utility. With leading design firms of Spanish origin, it's evident that the country will continue to lead in the field of design.