The Portago Urban Hotel by ILMIODESIGN Features a British Inspiration

 - Apr 3, 2012
References: globalsuitesgroup & frameweb
The Portago Urban Hotel by ILMIODESIGN fuses British design with characteristics associated with ther resort's Spanish location. Located in the heart of Granada, this colorful space features bold design elements.

Features of note include a hat-covered ceiling in the building's main foyer and a luggage room showcasing a multitude of vintage suitcase stacks. Designers Michele Corbani and Andrea Spada used the traditional bowler hat as a inventive and imaginative medium that created a moving and enveloping surface when grouped.

While a reception area, coffee bar and breakfast room are located on the ground floor, the hotel's three upper levels are home to 25 bedrooms and a panoramic rooftop terrace. While its floors are clad in a series of vibrant InterfaceFLOR carpet tiles, the stark white walls of the Portago Urban Hotel create a vivid optical illusion.