The ‘AA House’ By MVN Arquitectos is a Maze of Elegant Archit

Boasting a fantastic view in the Mediterranean Almeria, Spain, the ‘AA House’ By MVN Arquitectos is one of a kind.

With its simple design, the house appears to be a maze of intricate minimalism. Featuring stairs without railings, glass doors, a spanning outdoor living space, the house is welcoming of natural light. The atmosphere is enhanced by the stunning infinity pool that seems to pour into the oceanic horizon. The all-white palette contributes to the modernist look of the edifice.

The house boasts three levels, with a structure that is partially underground which serves the purpose of anchoring the house on a slope. The edifice is a stunning retreat for those partial to ultra-modern luxury. With its Andalusian appeal, this home is bound to attract lovers of minimalism, relaxation, awe-inspiring views and groundbreaking Spanish design architecture.