- Oct 25, 2013
These wonderfully whimsical eateries are turning ordinary outings for dinner into abstract and artistic experiences.

Going out to a restaurant often simply means choosing a type of cuisine and sitting down to order food. These whimsical eateries however, are revolutionizing the dining experience by turning ordinary restaurant structures into magnificent architectural designs. With so many dining options constantly popping up around the city, there's no surprise as to why business owners are choosing to add larger-than-life features and artistic elements to their decor as a way to stand out to diners.

From eateries that feature Tetris-like decor to those that showcase melting marshmallow designs and illuminated walls, these whimsical eateries are sure to entice diners with all their offbeat and eccentric features.

From Melting Marshmallow Eateries to Space-Shifting Sushi Bars: