Ketel One Vodka Bar by Jenner Studio is a Metal Masterpiece

Jenner Studio has created this amazing all-copper bar for Ketel One Vodka, located in a restaurant called Gilgamesh in London.

The bar and its stools are completely clad in copper, which resonates with Ketel One Vodka, whose name is derived from the copper pots in which it is distilled. The incredible project -- which comprised a tear-drop shaped bar and curvy stools -- was completed using 1,000 kg of copper and 10,000 rivets. The designers heated the copper strips individually, and then riveted them to the wooden and metal skeletons of the bar and stools. The whole project took six weeks to complete.

According to founder of Jenner Studio Christopher Jenner, the goal of his design for the Ketel One Bar was to "capture the relationship between the craft of vodka-making and that of a master metal craftsman."