- May 18, 2015
Although stocked in most high-end department stores, a trip to any of the opulent Aesop boutiques is a great crash course in the brand's dynamic visual identity. Aesop is an Australian luxury cosmetics brand known for its identical packaging and cult-like following.

Founded in Melbourne, the Aesop brand has quickly become defined by its minimalist and clinical visual identity as well as its in-store merchandising. Given that Aesop does not advertise, the brand relies on its in-store experience as its best introduction and marketing technique.

When considered from this angle, it's not surprising that each Aesop boutique is an indulgent experience with inspiration often derived from vintage apothecaries and upscale spas, often using reclaimed materials that infuse the spaces with even more charisma.

From Spa-Inspired Retail Concepts to Minimalist Morgue-Like Interiors: