- Jan 28, 2014
Romantic restaurants are spread out all over the world and are popular year-round, but they will no doubt see a surge in reservations on Valentine’s Day.

Although the use of warm colors like pinks and reds are associated with romance on Valentine’s Day, there are a ton of restaurant designs that create an amorous atmosphere in other ways. Location plays a big part in this and destinations like Italy naturally lend themselves to romance. One particularly romantic Italian restaurant is the The Summer Cave in the south that partly shelters diners, while still giving them a spectacular view of the stars.

Unless a restaurant has rooftop accessibility, a lot of the time stargazing and a strong connection to nature in an urban setting is impossible. However, there are plenty of examples of interiors that use lighting and dynamic installations to shape a busy restaurant into an intimate experience for two.

From Tiny Two-Person Eateries to Sky-High Dining Experiences: