Warownia is a Jagged and Surreal Interior by Karina Wiciak

 - Mar 24, 2013
References: wamhouse.pl & behance.net
Karina Wiciak, as in the earlier parts of her collection XII, presents a unique and slightly scary interior inspired by fairytales and horror called Warownia.

Rotten walls, cockroaches and a princess locked in the tower is the scene one witnesses upon looking at this interior. Overall, it is a rather unusual place for a restaurant. In addition to these scary additives, this place is also quite modern. However, if you feel uncomfortable in the company of cockroaches, you can always try and block that out of your mind and say that this is the first restaurant where you feel like a princess

While the overall look of this place mixes horror and fairytales, it's also a great way to lure in customers for a unique dining experience.