From Modernized MOD Fashions to Orbed Architectural Constructions

 - Nov 20, 2013
Embracing curvilinear constructions, these examples of domed design pay tribute to the ancient architectural element. With its strong resemblance to a sphere's upper, hollow half, the element has been a design favourite throughout history and built out of various material mediums.

Spherical ceiling architecture, orb-shaped automobiles and curvilinear furnishings are just some of these many and impressive examples of domed design. Often a staple of Middle Eastern architecture and a symbol of retro futurism, the dome is synonymous with religious themes or otherworldly sci-fi imagery.

Whether representing a godly architectural aesthetic or painting a clean and streamlined vision of the coming future, the structural element evokes a sense of organic movement that opposes the stiff and two-dimensional quality of linear constructions.