The Havvada Island by Dror Benshetrit is Structural Marvel

 - Oct 16, 2012
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Consisting of 6 hills, the Havvada Island by Dror Benshetrit is a new model for urban living.

iNANLAR Construction proposes that the spare soil form the creation of the Canal Istabul be utilized to create new land and a new metropolis of forward-thinking design. The proposal aims to create this island off the shore of Istanbul that incorporates the most modernistic of designs as commissioned by the Turkish development firm of Serdar Inan.

This new community was designed by New York-based Dror Benshetrit whose vision makes for a forward-thinking community space that boasts towering hills. According to the architects, "Each hill up rises on top of a mega structural sphere that supports the residences on the hillsides and a community life at the center." With a 3km by 1km diameter, this project is an ambitious infrastructure with potential to set precedent in optimization of material and architectural design.