The Waterdome Desalination Plant Replicates and Respects Nature

 - Dec 11, 2012
References: jonliow
In the Waterdome Desalination Plant not only do you have a concept for an efficient salt-extracting water treatment facility but you also have a beautiful piece of design that would complement both natural and artificial surroundings. This concept is for a futuristic sustainable hub that will improve the livelihood of populations with insufficient freshwater.

Mimicking the form of a blooming lotus flower, the plant integrates eight great petals of expansive solar panels. These impressive components harness energy of the sun in order to power the process of making seawater potable. In the center of the floating factory is a transparent dome that houses a range of filtration systems. Jon Liow's Waterdome Desalination Plant can be anchored just offshore of towns and cities and offers the added function of an island on which to sit or promenade.