'City on the Sea' Imagines a Shanghai that Embraces Rising Shores

 - Jul 27, 2012
References: aaschool.ac.uk & suckerpunchdaily
The issue of how Earth's changing climate will affect the way that we build is a compelling one, and a problem explored though 'City on the Sea' by students of the Architectural Association Visiting School, Shanghai. Considering the relationship that the metropolis has with its bordering river, the designers explored one of H2O's most fascinating features.

Some representation of the meniscus was incorporated into the projects as a way to explore the concepts of tension and escalation and the threshold between land and waterway. One proposal encapsulates the urban environment in big domed bubbles to protect it while another dresses it in cloud-like ribbons. Undertaken beneath director Tom Verebes, the 'City on the Sea' exercise involved the impressive use of complex computer rendering programs to analyze the effects and impacts of Shanghai's liquid surrounds.