From Delightfully Warped Dwellings to Seashell Abodes

 - Nov 30, 2013
While simple geometric homes and buildings are often the most contemporary and modern, these warped architectural structures are offering much more abstract and visually compelling designs that on-lookers will surely appreciate.

Distorted images and warped shapes are often associated with things that have not been properly built or structured, but these visually askew designs are showcasing that intentionally lopsided and twisted buildings can have a wonderfully mesmerizing exterior impact. By incorporating structural designs that feature warped exterior appearances, bent frames, twirling shapes and even abstract alien references, these architectural structures are able to showcase that art can truly take any form.

From fertile-figured rooms to slithering slope stations, these warped architectural structures are showcasing that intentional distortion and lopsided features can make for a beautifully engaging piece of artwork.