The Bloom Pavilion Reacts to Solar Exposure Like a Living Thing

 - Sep 20, 2013
References: dosu-arch &
Many contemporary designers have developed a fascination for built structures that transform with their environments. This capacity can better unify the man-made elements of a site with natural surroundings. The Bloom Pavilion is an intriguing material experiment that likens a building to a plant, or even an animal, with a skin that reacts to the amount of light and heat that touches it.

DOSU Studio Architecture conceived an intricate paraform tunnel from panels of 14,000 smart thermo bi-metal tiles. With punctures made all over every surface, the nickel and manganese with iron begin to warp and curl, altering the texture of the Bloom Pavilion and welcoming the penetration of more radiance from the sky. The sculptural portal is constantly changing and it's guiding design into an innovative realm of responsive structures.