The Jakarta Skyscraper Cleans up Flooded Slums

 - Mar 8, 2010
References: designboom
This building makes my inner green-architecture nerd drool with hope and anticipation.

The Ciliwung Recovery Program by Indonesian Rezza Rahdian, Edwin Setiawan, Ayu Diah Shanti and Leonardus Chrisnantyo breaks the boundaries of the imaginary and the possible.

The overall design resembles a long tube bent over itself in rows. The water will flow into pipes and separate from garbage where the garbage is recycled or composted. Then the dirty water is cleaned, filtered and mineralized. The third section of the Jakarta skyscraper will clean household waste water and spray it through the skin of the building to increase humidity and assist in new local agriculture.

The Jakarta Skyscraper will harness wind and solar power to generate energy for itself and share with local buildings. Also, apartments built into the skyscraper will provide homes for families displaced by construction and those in the neighboring slums.

The Jakarta Skyscraper is a fantastic example of imagining what is possible not only for a wicked eco-friendly skyscraper, but sustaining and improving an entire city of people who could use a helping hand.

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