- Aug 27, 2014
From tech-integrated architecture pieces to sustainable structures, these skyscrapers defy tradition with their bold and innovative designs.

For decades, skyscrapers have been an architectural feat for many and have been getting taller, more elaborate and in recent years, more eco-friendly. This list of skyscraper structures is set to impress design enthusiasts who are looking to the future and aiming to make dreams into a reality.

Standouts from this list of architectural examples include the City Respiration Skyscraper concept by Pavlína Doležalová and Jan Smékal. The architecture piece can clean air within its urban environment and is able to potentially eliminate pollution in just two weeks.

Another great example from the list is Mexico's Tezozomoc and Xochimilco twin towers concept. This set of buildings is designed by Vasquez and Wedeles Architects and features rotating elements.

From Eco Urban Architecture to Botanical Tower Designs: