The Artificial Island Skyscraper Would Withstand Global Warming

 - Aug 12, 2011
References: & designbuzz
After the summer some of us have been experiencing this year, it is safe to say that global warming is not part of some conspiracy theory and that it why we need to encourage efforts like this Artificial Island Skyscraper. Although just a concept, this floating habitable structure could provide a place that is not affected by our planet's fickle weather.

Designed by Aleksander Krasinski, the Artificial Island Skyscraper would essentially establish itself as an independent state with its own government and economic policy. Able to shelter 52,096 people in its 48 floors, the Artificial Island Skyscraper will also be home to sea ports, an airport, office spaces, public areas, gardens and more. Conceived for the Persian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates, the the Artificial Island Skyscraper could definitely work in other parts of the world.