Soundscrapers Could Be the Future’s Noise Pollution Sol

 - Apr 7, 2013
References: & designbuzz
An entry to the 2013 eVolo Skyscraper Competition, the Soundscraper is a futuristic conceptual design that could potentially become an effective noise pollution solution.

A joint effort by Olivier Colliez, Julien Bourgeouis, Cedric Dounval, Savinien de Pizzol and Romain Grouselle, this concept is supposed to use all of the hustle and bustle of big cities around the world and covert the cacophony into a clean energy source. Each tower, located around major intersections and busy highways, would be coated with 84 thousand electro-active cilia, little hair-like elements that can absorb sound waves. An energy harvester transforms those into kinetic energy and then transducer cells would be able to create electricity that the city could run on.

The Soundscraper noise pollution solution could be the future for renewable and sustainable energy sourcing.