Mo. Ho. Mobile Housing Allows Your Apartment to Move with You

 - May 7, 2011
References: & ecofriend
The world will continue to feel a whole lot smaller if the Mo. Ho. Mobile Housing project gets off the ground. Engineering students from Rome, Italy, including Andrea Bonamore, Lorenzo Carrino, Riccardo Franchellucci and Lorenzo Bramonti, have come together to propose an urban plan that incorporates a system of universal modular residences. The residences will be stackable, and able to form apartment buildings in major international metropolises.

An owner of one of these condominium modules may decide to move from Hong Kong to New York city, and ship this dwelling with him. The 400m-tall towers can grow and shrink depending on urban density and space demands, and such skyscrapers can even be formed atop existing structures. With standard sizes and shapes for one- to three-bedroom units, the Mo. Ho. Mobile Housing proposal will further unify the cities of the world.