- Sep 26, 2014
Minimalist hospital rooms, natural healing havens and style-conscious medical centers are just some of the hospital design innovations featured on this list.

The modern examples change the way one experiences their hospital stay and break the negative associations that are often synonymous with healing environments. While the traditional hospital can be described as sterile and industrial, these bold examples reject this tradition and reject the uninviting design of the common medical institution.

Whether connecting patients with nature or transforming a confined hospital room into a homey and cozy space, these hospital design innovations aim to make the classic medical environment more inviting.

A memorable example from this list is The Birmingham Young Persons Unit, a medical center that many describe as a "boutique hospital hotel." The unit treats teenage cancer sufferers and is designed to ensure patients have a positive and comfortable experience while they are undergoing a series of difficult treatments.

From Patient-Lifting Androids to Natural Healing Havens: