The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne is Imaginative and Fun

 - Mar 24, 2012
References: janereiseger & frameweb
The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne by Büro North and Jane Reiseger features a bold and color-infused interior design. Whimsical and kid-friendly, this fun public space challenges the stark and sterile nature of a traditional medical environment.

Featuring bold hues and mural-adorned walls, this vibrant interior exudes energy and happiness. From a bold way-finding redesign to sleek sculptural pieces, this bright and interactive public space keeps children in mind.

Collaborating in the project's design, Büro North and illustrator Jane Reiseger join forces and let their imagination shine through. Multi-colored and spirited, the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne features a dynamic design that is fun for all ages. Whimsical and color-enriched, this medical space inspires happiness, health and inner well-being.