- Oct 21, 2013
These abandoned photography series are a good way to spook yourself out prior to Halloween. The vast majority of the captures are of deserted places where people once inhabited, but for one reason or another no longer stay. This includes homes, hospitals, athletic areas like basketball arenas and entire cities. These images have a distinctly ghostly feel to them. Others focus on neglected items such as furniture, luggage and televisions. These shots give insight into dilapidated architecture and general debris.

On the other hand, some of these editorials feature models posing artistically in manipulated post-apocalyptic sets, or make use of previously evacuated and run down spaces.

This abandoned photography often takes place in urban areas, complete with varying levels of graffiti. Hope can be found in the pictures of repurposed locales and installations, providing nice contrast to the haunting images that make up the majority of this collection.

From Eerie Seashore Editorials to Desolate Abode Captures: