Janie Airey Captures Clean Lines and Color Before the Opening

 - Nov 20, 2012
References: janie-airey & fastcodesign
Still and quiet as an abandoned building, there is nevertheless nothing decrepit about Janie Airey's most recent crop of portraits. Instead, they showcase the pristine Olympic arenas before they were occupied and used during the 2012 summer games in London, England. Gaining access just before the park opened, Janie Airey was able to capture the clean-lines and geometric properties of the newly designed spaces.

Although such careful thought goes into the creation of Olympic arenas, people are not usually given the chance to properly appreciate them due to the excitement generated by the athletes and the games themselves. Janie Airey provides a rare opportunity to fully appreciate the areas the masses and medals took place in. Usually focusing on people, Janie Airey reveals, "It was very refreshing to go into a space and just have to think about the line and form and working with what was already there. I loved the silence of the buildings."