From Sublime Sunset Photography to Athletic Area Captures

 - May 15, 2013
Summer is a season that holds unforgettable memories and whimsical summertime photos are capable of bringing back these memories, leaving you nostalgic with a case of wanderlust.

These photos encompass iconic summer moments: sunsets, silhouettes, reflections in the water and fireworks. Light painting is a recent method that also commemorates outdoorsy summer nights. Crisp images of buildings, gardens or stadiums are also a reminder of clear summer days of exploring.

These photos are sure to trigger some sort of sentimental longings for the happy past. An example of a truly nostalgic photography series is by J. M. Barclay, who pays special attention to details like railroad tracks, bicycle wheels or the dew on leaves. These items, dressed in ambient hues, are sure to relate to everyone in one way or another, rewinding to a certain place or period of time.