The Rainbow Bridge Glows Whimsically in the Night

 - Aug 7, 2012
While not as intense as the Rainbow Bridge found in ancient myths and children's stories (for instance, the one featured in the legends of Thor), this colorfully illuminated overpass is still very impressive. The Rainbow Bridge boasts a thin strip of neon lights on one of its sides that casts a spectrum of color onto the waters below including purple, green and yellow.

Located in Penghu, Taiwan, the Rainbow Bridge has a whimsical quality about it that will delight both children and the young-at-heart alike. Like a real rainbow or even a display of fireworks, the Rainbow Bridge will captivate visitors and locals instantly.

Aside from the chromatic neon lights, the Rainbow Bridge is rather simple, taking on the classic crescent shape of traditional bridges, which makes it appear more like a real rainbow.