- Sep 9, 2014
The recent demise of the Six Flags Magic Mountain roller coaster, Colossus, may have everyone on edge when it comes to visiting amusement parks, but these roller coaster creations might set them at ease. It will help remind them of the playfulness involved in these designs. After all, people who love roller coasters are thrill seekers at heart.

From ad campaigns to experimental architecture and, of course, theme park staples themselves, these roller coaster creations defy gravity while providing people with a sense of cathartic release that happens to do more than watching violent TV shows and movies. Although staged and, for the most part, safe, these roller coaster creations give people the adrenaline rush that they crave for on a daily basis. They provide an semblance of adventure amid everyday activities.

From DIY Backyard Amusement Parks to Zero-Gravity Roller Coasters: