This Picnic Table by Michael Beitz Has a Vertical Loop

 - Nov 4, 2013
References: thisiscolossal
This looped picnic table by Michael Beitz is a new project that makes a bench look like a roller coaster. With a giant loop in the middle, the table looks distorted and bent out of shape. The 'Picnic' table sits on the roof of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art in Wisconsin and is made out of plywood. It took Beitz almost a year to make it, using a special jigsaw.

The artist is famous for his warped, transformative pieces of furniture that always seem to twist and undulate as if a giant had re-molded it. Some of his other works include a sofa that looks like it's been sat on by an elephant, a desk that appears to want to float away and a previous picnic bench that bends over a rail as if it was dripping.

This creative picnic table by Michael Beitz reflects the inspiring nature of fiction and imagination. His sculptures defy familiar and more natural designs and can inspire others to break out from their comfort zones.