- Jul 31, 2014
While the summer may be halfway over, there's still plenty of time to get outdoors to enjoy the sun, and these must-have picnic essentials are ideal for anyone looking to have a nice meal outside.

When it comes to picnics, planning all the essentials can be challenging, particularly when it comes to making sure you have everything from food, cutlery, mats and musical entertainment. These picnic essentials however, are offering some helpful reminders of the kinds of things you should take while enjoying the sun outdoors. From all-in-one picnic kits to adaptable cutlery and foldable tables, these must-have accessories will definitely make eating outdoors a much more comfortable experience.

Perfect for those who enjoy the convenience of modern amenities, these picnic essentials will help bring comforts of the indoors to the park.

From Convertible Picnic Bags to Picnic-Ready Radios: