This Candy Stripe Teaspoon Set Will Match Your Plaid Park Blanket

 - May 16, 2012
Despite its delightful aesthetic qualities, fabric isn't as practical for use outside of the bedroom and living room. The kitchen, however, finds another purpose for the soft woven material, in this Candy Stripe Teaspoon Set that sits atop your cloth serviettes. White cotton, patterned with lovely red and pink lines, is actually found inside each of these eating utensils, giving them their color and visual charm.

Leif's cutlery is manufactured in Italy through a process of suspending fabric within layers of translucent acrylic plastic. The implements are cut to shape and moulded to form their lovely little scoops. Lightweight and dishwasher-safe, the Candy Stripe Teaspoon Set is ideal for taking on picnics, serving sweet summery desserts and for placement in children's packed lunches.