French Artist Jeremy Laffon Creates Mini Roller Coasters from Gum

 - Mar 4, 2013
References: galerie-gounod & designboom
French artist Jeremy Laffon has made this intricate and highly detailed mini-replica of a roller coaster from sticks of chewing gum. Stacked like a house of cards, the structures defy belief and gravity as they tower high above the gallery floor. The works don't last for long though -- gallery lights and gravity eventually combine to melt the amazing designs. Sometimes the artist even shines a torch on the mini roller coasters to speed up the melting process for viewers. If you've ever tried to build a house of cards, you'll know how tricky this process must have been

The exhibition has a name as quirky as the art on display, with a mind-boggling title of: 'chlorophénylalaninoplastomécanostressrhéologoductilviridiscacosmographigum.' The works will be shown at the Limousin Art Contemporain and sculptures, France, from March 12 to March 23 2013.

Photo Credits: designboom, galerie-gounod