The Volkswagen Tiguan Ads Shows How Exciting Off-Roading Is

 - Oct 13, 2011
References: & ibelieveinadv
"Off-road has never been so exciting," or so the latest Volkswagen Tiguan ad campaign will have you believe. Turning rough terrain into an exhilarating roller coaster is one way of interpreting that simple and succinct slogan. Considering that roller coasters offer rather smooth rides despite the stomach-churning twists, turns and dips, it is a great comparison to the Volkswagen Tiguan. With this in mind, the ad campaign seems to be saying that the Volkswagen Tiguan is as smooth a ride as a roller coaster without compromising the true allure of off-roading.

Conceived and executed by Ukraine-based ad agency Kaffeine, the Volkswagen Tiguan ad campaign really puts the potential customer into the front seat of this fun ride.