Ultimo & Alton Towers Resort Cross-Marketing Promo

 - Jun 29, 2009
References: cherryflava
Ultimo bras were put to the ultimate support test in this ‘action-filled’ promotional video shot at Alton Towers Resort. The clip shows a group of attractive models wearing only the British lingerie brand while experiencing the various rides at the resort including ‘Rita Queen of Speed’ and ‘Spinball Whizzer.’

What cross-marketing genius. The ad is sure to get the attention of males, who may be encouraged to visit the resort and oddly enough women may actually be sold on the undergarment’s fit and support.

According to the YouTube information from the video above, Sales and Marketing Director for the Alton Towers theme park Morwenna Angove noted, "Whilst we understand that in warmer climates women will wear skimpier clothing, the tests show that well-fitted brassieres such as those from the Ultimo range, will help to control the risk of further unprecedented exposures in the future."