Topless Roller Coasters

 - May 4, 2007
References: blog.myspace & youtube
To celebrate the first birthday of Stealth â€" Europe's fastest rollercoaster, four Page 3 Topless models launched their G cup assets into adrenaline heaven. During the ride, these visions of loveliness experienced G-forces of up to 4.8 G, that's about 1.5 G more than astronauts experience on take off.

These girls are hardcore - the first thing they said after the extreme drop was "how is my hair". Women of the World salute you ladies!

Stealth reaches a jaw-dropping 0-80 mph in under 2 seconds, faster than a fighter jet on take off. The ride rises to an arousing height of 62.5m (205ft), making it one of the tallest coasters in Europe. The girls travelled a whopping 500 meters of track and shared a climactic drop, the fourth steepest in the world.

Redited versions of the films are available on You Tube - see link below.