Eddi Prabandono Creates a Scooter That Emulates a Loop De Loop

 - Feb 27, 2013
References: indoartnow & notcot.org
It's a little bit confusing to admire because this roller coaster-inspired scooter by Eddi Prabandono pushes the limits of what might be perceived as a standard piece of mobile equipment. The installation is luckily not designed for street use and is rather for visual enjoyment rather than riding purposes.

Scooters are an international part of our modern world. In various cities around the world, scooters are opted for because of their ability to quickly weave through traffic and not require a proper parking space when you have to stop somewhere. As such, this design by Prabandono is truly an international piece of artwork because there is likely a very few number of people who wouldn't be able to identify the familiar vehicle.