The Toyota Prius Rollercoaster Creates and Collects Energy

 - May 12, 2011
References: notcot & randommization
Toyota and engineering team Deeplocal converged their skills and efforts in an attempt to create a self-sustaining Toyota Prius roller coaster. The coaster car was a 2011 Prius donated by Toyota, and the steel coaster track was custom-created by the team. The idea was that as the car sped down drops in the track and braked near the bottom, the intense friction would convert into energy to be stored for future use.

The completed Toyota Prius roller coaster did just that; the project was a success and is inspiring to see. A single drop alone collected enough energy to light up an amusement park, proving that the future of natural energy production isn't so dark.

The Deeplocal and Toyota Prius roller coaster project is a groundbreaking and enlightening one.