Adventure World's 50 Shades of Brown Ad is the Opposite of Alluring

Drawing inspiration from E. L. James' '50 Shades of Grey,' Adventure World's '50 Shades of Brown' poster promotes the world's scariest roller coaster. Just as the erotic novel has some BDSM elements to rough up readers a little, the Abyss coaster will take riders on just as thrilling an adventure. However, instead of being sensual and alluring, the ad for the roller coaster turns the "50 Shades" into something else entirely. Without saying it outright, the ad suggests that roller coaster riders will be making messes in their pants.

The Abyss poster by SHEDcsc was released to match the hype of the new 50 Shades of Grey trailer, appealing to those who like to try new and exciting things for thrills.