The 'Transition' Series by Josef Schulz Examines Europe's Old Checkpoints

 - Jan 22, 2012
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Josef Schulz, a Poland-born and Germany-based photographer, has a new series of images that explores the now defunct border crossings stations of Europe. The abandoned booths, usually rather small, are an interesting view on life before the European Union and remain a symbol of forgotten or discarded political power.

The series, almost documentary in nature, features the former checkpoints in all of their dilapidated glory, and are often, non-surprisingly, located in destitute regions surrounded by scenic landscapes. The similarities between each of the photos make it almost impossible to recognize which countries they border, an interesting addition that adds to the theme of boundaries now defunct.

Other photo collections by Josef Schulz tend to have the same indistinguishable background that make the subject of the image that much more captivating.