From Daydreaming Damsel Photography to Surreal Nuptial Captures

 - May 28, 2013
Those with a fascination for photography and creating images beyond our imagination will surely want to check out these examples of surreal photography, which showcases all sorts of whimsical images that we could only dream of.

Surreal photography is all about creating visual imagery that challengers our ordinary perception of reality. Placing human beings and characters in dream-like sequences and performing actions and activities that are physically impossible serves to stretch our imagination, and challenges audiences to think outside-the-box. From photographs that showcase characters sleeping mid-air to those that feature whimsical fairytale-inspired elements, these surreal photographic captures feature ordinary elements in an over-the-top and exaggerated way.

For those who love the concept of bending reality and creating something only our imagination could conceive, then these surreal photographic captures will definitely strike your interest.