Photographer Thomas Barbéy Creates a World All of His Own

 - Jan 15, 2013
References: thomasbarbey & mymodernmet
Step into the world of photographer Thomas Barbéy, captured on film. The black and white pictures take inspiration from Salvador Dali, who is well known for his whimsical and surrealist art pieces. Barbéy takes voyages worldwide to capture some of the most intriguing sights of scenery, still life and portraiture that the world has to offer. He then mixes reality into a dream like state as he manipulates and alters his photos to create a world all of his own.

These captivating images blend together two different concepts and are juxtaposed into one. Using a multi-angle technique that artist M.C. Escher mastered, he seamlessly fuses such animals as elephants into tree trunks and zebras into piano keys. For Thomas Barbéy "visionary inspiration and imagination is not a technical skill learned in school." Rather, it is something that only a creative mind can think up to take it from a dream to reality.